Foto: Eramet Norway

The Norwegian Hydrogen Landscape

NHF presents an overview of planned and existing hydrogen and ammonia projects in Norway.

13 april 2023

The Norwegian hydrogen industry is under rapid development, and it may often be difficult to maintain an overview of the many existing initiatives and projects. It is therefore a pleasure to present the Norwegian Hydrogen Landscape.

The Norwegian Hydrogen Landscape contains a detailed overview of Norwegian renewable and low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia projects, both within production, consumption, research and development (R&D) and technology scale-up. The overview contains a map of each project’s geographical location as well as estimates on production capacity.

The overview shall be updated regularly to ensure that it represents an exact picture of the status of the industry.

The overview is based on publicly available information and input from our members. Norwegian Hydrogen Forum has not made any considerations regarding the maturity of the projects. 

How to use The Norwegian Hydrogen Landscape

Feel free to navigate in this version of The Norwegian Hydrogen Landscape. You may navigate between the different pages by clicking on the arrows at the bottom. In the overview map on page four, you may click on the desired project type – production, consumption, R&D or Technology – and zoom in on the location of each project. Use the full screen mode to enlarge the presentation.

Please refer to Norwegian Hydrogen Forum as a source by using the information and numbers provided in the overview.


Questions or comments?

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