SHHP becomes Nordic Hydrogen Partnership

SHHP becomes Nordic Hydrogen Partnership

Nordic Hydrogen Partnership is the new Nordic hydrogen organisation. The name symbolizes an intensified and extended cooperation between the Nordic countries.

28 jan. 2021

Signing the name change to Nordic Hydrogen Partnership, from left to right Tejs Laustsen Jensen (Brintbranchen), Jón Björn Skúlason (Icelandic New Energy), Ingebjørg Telnes Wilhelmsen (Norsk Hydrogenforum) Ihonen Jari (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland) and Bjorn Aronsson (Vätgas Sverige).

In a move that symbolises both the rapidly increasing role of hydrogen in the Nordic energy system as well the partnership’s commitment to expand the use of hydrogen and e-fuels in the entire Nordic region, the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership has become the Nordic Hydrogen Partnership (NHP).

The name change is the result of the intensified and extended cooperation between Norsk Hydrogenforum in Norway, Vätgas Sverige in Sweden, Icelandic New Energy in Iceland, Brintbranchen in Denmark and VTT in Finland, who together constitute the members of the NHP. The five coalition partners are strengthening their collaboration and use their expertise to boost the cross-sector implementation of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in the Nordics, in close cooperation with a number of industry representatives.

Ideally suited for hydrogen

– The new name and the formation of an organization with a cross sector focus on hydrogen and e-fuels development and implementation is an important step for the Nordic hydrogen industry, says Tejs Laustsen Jensen, chairman of the Nordic Hydrogen Partnership, and CEO of Brintbranchen.

In the post Covid-19 world, the Nordic countries have a unique opportunity to lead the world to a green recovery. With leadership positions within the field of both wind, hydro and thermal energy, the Nordic region is ideally suited for hydrogen, which will be the link to both economic growth and fighting the climate challenge.

– The industry is ready, and the new organization is a clear proof of that. We look forward to cooperate with the Nordic institutions as well as all the Nordic governments, he says.

Turning ambition into action

The past couple of years we have witnessed an acceleration in the use of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in the Nordic region, for example marked by the establishment of multiple hydrogen refuelling stations and the introduction of hydrogen cars on the Nordic markets.

The Nordic Hydrogen Partnership is determined to push this development to further heights and to quicken its pace. We are therefore happy to have witnessed the development of a huge momentum for incorporation of hydrogen solutions in the Nordics within the last year. With a Finnish roadmap and (upcoming) dedicated hydrogen strategies in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, the Nordic Hydrogen Partnership will function as the organisation that helps to translate intentions to action to the benefit of the entire Nordic region.