30 MAR

Generalforsamling i Norsk Hydrogenforum

STED: PowerHouse, Kjørboveien 20, 1337 Sandvika

Generalforsamlingen for 2016 blir 30. mars kl 1000-1200, i PowerHouse i tilknytning til den nyoppførte Uno-X-hydrogenstasjonen.

Adresse: Kjørboveien 20, 1337 Sandvika

Det planlegges et medlemsmøte i etterkant av generalforsamlingen, fra 1230 til 1530, med presentasjoner og omvisning på hydrogenstasjonen!

04 APR

Den norske Gasskonferansen

STED: Oslo

Programmet er sluppet og hele programmet finnes her!

13 JUN

International Conference on Electrolysis in Copenhagen, ICE 2017

STED: København

Research in all the aspects of electrolysis for energy conversion is growing, and the awareness that the conversion from electrical energy to storable and portable matter - fuels - is an inevitable part of the green transition from a fossil based energy infrastructure to a sustainable one. Fuel cells are expected to play a vital role in this transition too, but they compete with proven and well-established technologies, while electrolyzers bridge a gab for which no other alternative is obvious. On this background it is even more striking that we have not yet managed to put up a designated conference series on electrolysis for energy conversion. 

The aim of this initiative is to start a conference series devoted to electrolysis for energy conversion. Let us make a forum in which electrolysis is the main theme and not a sub-topic among many others. 

Be part of it. If you find this idea appealing then I hope you will come and take part in ICE2017 and make it a success. We will prepare the setting in a nice venue, but only the participants can ensure the success. 


Welcome at ICE2017 in Copenhagen
From Tue 13th to Thu 15th of June, 2017